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Easy access to information is a basic proposition of the Internet.

MyStockFundSM extends this concept with information-filled reports and acount forms. MyStockFund reports allow customers to:
  1. At a glance, review detailed histories of their current portfolios.
  2. Analyze portfolios using customer specified time periods, i.e. weeks, months or years.
  3. Easily track and report on cost basis information for stocks purchased with MyFundBuilder.
  4. Quickly see their personal stock data in text or graphical form.

An extensive library of account forms provides MyStockFund customers with total control over account information. Everything they need - from mailing address updates and password changes to requesting account withdrawals and stock certificates - are within one click from the "Manage My Account" page.

By enabling customers with this extensive level of account control, MyStockFund fulfills its promise to provide customers with a superior online investing experience.

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