The Shifting Market Opportunity

You've read about it in the "Wall Street Journal", you've seen it on CNBC, and it's everywhere on the Internet - the explosion of new companies offering untapped mainstream Americans alternative investment options that marry the sound investment principles of portfolio diversification and dollar cost averaging, resulting in fractional share ownership. The net effect - many new investors are taking advantage of this convenient and effective means of creating a personal stock fund.

What's being offered to these investors are new products that:

  1. Deliver education and research;
  2. Require minimal upfront cash layout;
  3. Offer regularly scheduled purchasing;
  4. Implement electronic savings or checking account debiting; and
  5. Provide real-time access to personal account information.

According to a Yankee Group study, a revolution is occurring in that many consumers are undergoing a fundamental change in the way they manage their personal assets, and MyStockFundSM supports this trend. Through technology and the Internet, consumers can over time build and manage a personal stock fund online without being encumbered with the traditional broker's commissions and cost structures.

Forrester Research indicates that access to the Internet has enabled companies of all sizes to reach more moderate and low-income consumers. For those consumers without home access, they will seek out PC's and Internet connections at schools and public libraries. In turn, the Internet has expanded the reach and breadth of financial services' offerings to this underserved market of technology optimists. To help these consumers, Online Investments is unleashing an innovative twist on traditional portfolio management theory, and delivering MyStockFund to make it work.

The Yankee Group predicts that there will be over 25 million online brokerage accounts by the year 2003. In their 1998 Yankee Group Consumer Survey, they reveal that:

  1. Online investors are most interested in low transaction fees - a full 80% of U.S. online households cited low transaction fees as the top reason that they executed trades online;
  2. 45% percent cited the ability to conduct investment research and analysis online;
  3. 42% said that online investing is more convenient than traditional brokers or automated telephone systems;
  4. 34% percent indicated that it was easier to track and manage their portfolio.

MyStockFund enables investors to execute effective buy-and-hold investment strategies that build long-term wealth for just pennies a day.

Visit our product demo to learn about this exciting new investment approach.

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