What Is MyStockFund?
MyStockFund Technology
Affinity Partner Program

What Is MyStockFund?

MyStockFundSM is a low-cost opportunity for regular investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks. The product, distributed through affinity partners, targets long-term, buy-and-hold investors who are searching for cost-effective ways to build savings through regular investments in individual stocks.

MyStockFund enables individual investors to create their own personal stock funds by purchasing fractional shares of stocks that they select and control. MyStockFund provides the user with:

  1. Fractional share investing ("dollar-based investing");
  2. Portfolio diversification;
  3. Recurring monthly investments;
  4. Electronic funds transfers (from savings or checkings accounts);
  5. Dollar-cost averaging;
  6. Dividend re-investments ("DRIPs").

MyStockFund.com will be a co-branded destination site for individuals who want to manage their own stock portfolios. We will help them to successfully invest by providing them with informative content on investor education, company research, and portfolio management.

And, perhaps best of all, MyStockFund provides investment services for one simple annual fee. This gives customers the ability to purchase from our authorized stock list without incurring any further broker's commissions or buying fees!

MyStockFund Technology

MyStockFund is built on a flexible and scalable platform to allow it to grow with the burgeoning Internet population. Coupled with industry leader BNY Clearing Services' (BNYCS), a Bank of New York company, back office processing systems, MyStockFund is a solid, reliable brokerage system that consumers will depend on to manage their investments.

MyStockFund starts with an easy-to-use and customizable web front end that plugs into proprietary middleware built on a Java2TM Enterprise Edition platform. Among other things, the middleware enables data-streaming for account inquiry, update, and trading instructions. This is coupled with a robust back office processing system managed by BNYCS.

Affinity Partner Program

OnLine Investment's "Affinity Partner Program" is designed to leverage our partner's corporate identity and branding programs to MyStockFund's web pages and marketing collateral in order to support the promotion of the service.

First, we collaborate with the Partner to determine if a co-branded strategy or private label strategy best meets their needs. Under a co-branded approach, MyStockFund web pages are designed to extend the Affinity Partner's corporate identity and branding programs to the web pages. This is compared to the private label strategy where the web site is redesigned to incorporate the total look and feel of the Affinity Partner's web pages and branding programs.

These co-branded and private label strategies serve to extend the trust and loyalty that our Partners have already established with their constituents, thereby accelerating market acceptance of this new and innovative product.

More than just marketing and co-branding, the Affinity Partner Program was also developed to help our Partner's staff effectively manage and learn about the MyStockFund program. Supported with training seminars, program materials, extranet web pages, and call center support, their staff will be able to confidently sell the service to their constituents, provide them world class support, and report the results to management.

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