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Online Investments, Inc. is dedicated to providing customers with a superior online investing experience. Come see how MyStockFundSM is changing the way Americans strive to build long-term wealth!

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Today's individual investor is looking for control, ease of use and flexibility in their personal investments. MyStockFund has been designed to satisfy these needs, and more.

As recently as the 1970s, stocks were not a good option for small investors. To maximize their return, they had to buy in round lots of 100 shares which was beyond their reach, while commissions eroded their profits. Therefore, these investors turned to no-load mutual funds to participate in the stock market.

Times have changed as mutual funds have focused on wealthy investors to increase profits. Tim Middleton, mutual fund columnist for MSN MoneyCentral, says, "Mutual funds are pretty unfriendly until you've got a few thousand bucks."

MyStockFund empowers the individual investor with detailed research, education and our proprietary "MyFundBuilderSM" technology that allows them to create their own personal stock fund.

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