Strength Through Partnership


The winning concept behind MyStockFundSM is to take the proven philosophy of "long-term buy-and-hold investing" and translate it into a powerful, easy-to-use software system that can be marketed and distributed over the Internet.

We will package the MyStockFund service to appeal to buy-and-hold investors with a unique combination of investment features, such as fractional-share buying, payroll deduction, annual fee pricing, and consolidated account statements.

This innovative approach to meeting the needs of long-term investors will allow OLI to establish a highly profitable position in the fast growing, multi-billion dollar, online securities marketplace.

MyStockFund will appeal to buy-and-hold investors because it gives them total control over their stock portfolio while providing all the information they need regarding the costs and taxes associated with making their personal stock fund grow.

Strength Through Partnership

To facilitate MyStockFund's stock transactions, back-end data processing, and customer service, Online Investments has entered into an agreement with BNY Clearing Services, LLC (BNYCS), a Bank of New York company.

BNYCS provides securities clearing, execution and settlement to broker-dealers, banks, and other financial intermediaries across the nation. BNYCS will provide OLI with comprehensive transaction processing support capabilities.

The Bank of New York is the nation's oldest bank operating under its original name with over $63 billion in total assets. BNYCS is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, the New York Stock Exchange and other principal exchanges.

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