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Welcome ICLUBcentral members!

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An Affordable Way for Better Investing
Build your own diversified stock portfolio through monthly dollar-based investing. It's easy and affordable with MyFundBuilder our internet investing tool. You select the stocks, determine the dollar amount, and choose your dividend reinvestment strategy. You get these capabilities and more for a simple flat annual fee. To learn more Take the Tour.

Regularly Purchase Company Stock
Use MyStockFund, as your online stock service and discount broker to set-up an automatic and regular investment program. With dollar-based investing, you can build a diversified folio through fractional share purchases in the companies across a variety of industries. You can invest as little as $10 per stock monthly or one time if you desire.
Online Investing Made Easy!
Give us instructions monthly, and we'll electronically move the dollar amount you specify from your checking or savings account to pay for your stock purchase. You pay no transaction fees to buy these fractional shares because these monthly purchases are included in the annual fee. Get started now.
Long-Term Strategy - Use Dividend Reinvestment
One way to help with wealth accumulation is to employ a dividend reinvestment strategy. If you are a buy and hold type investor, dividend reinvest can be a valuable tool. MyStockFund will reinvest your dividends for no commission, which can replace a company sponsored dividend reinvestment program or DRIP. Learn more about how MyStockFund can help you build a nest egg for a special vacation, retirement, or college education.
Become a Long-Term Investor Now
If you're ready for an affordable and convenient way to move closer to your financial goals subscribe now and start building your diversified stock portfolio today.
Click here for Fees and Services.

Can MyStockFund Work for Investment Clubs?


MyStockFund not only works well for individual investors but also can be an excellent choice and well suited for investment clubs.

With our partner ICLUBcentral, you can learn how to start and manage your investment club while using MyStockFund as your online broker.

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