Recently Added Stocks

MyStockFund regularly adds securities to its stock list. Many of the securities that we add result from requests from our members. If there is a security that you would like to buy using AutoVest that is not on the list, please send us your request.

9/4/2007 JAVA Sun Microsystems Inc
9/4/2007 LNDC Landec Corp
9/4/2007 LOOP LoopNet, Inc
9/4/2007 FORM FormFactor Inc
8/29/2007 UWBK United Western Bancorp, Inc.
8/24/2007 OATS Wild Oats Markets Inc
8/24/2007 LECO Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc
8/24/2007 BMO Bank of Montreal
8/21/2007 OIS Oil States International Inc

Of course, this list is provided for informational purposes only, and is not deemed to be a recommendation or solicitation. MyStockFund is not compensated in any manner to include a security in this list.