Investing Alongside your 401(k) or Pension Plan

A company-sponsored 401(k) is perhaps one of the best retirement benefits and investing plans to come our way. Unfortunately, some employees fail to take advantage of these plans, while others rely upon them solely as their retirement future.

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Max your 401 (k)

We encourage people to utilize their employer’s 401(k). First and foremost - you should be striving to “max out” on your contributions to gain the maximum allowable tax benefits and to take advantage of matches offered by your employer.

Your 401(k) is strictly designed for your retirement years and will most likely fail to meet your lifestyle expectations and financial goals to retire comfortably. Once your 401 (k) is maxed, you should look beyond that plan for a means to build additional wealth for your retirement and/or the “other things” in life that may come your way.

Investments on the side

A 401(k) is a great start, but should not represent your entire strategy for financial freedom. Investing alongside your 401 (k) at the same time will help you achieve your goals, to build additional wealth, one investment at a time.

Maybe you are looking to invest in a vacation home or a piece of real estate in five, ten or 15 years from now. Maybe you are planning to upgrade your home or need to fund your child’s education. Begin your investing now.

Avoid 401 (k) borrowing

People borrow against their 401 (k) equity for lack of other resources. Borrowing against your 401(k) or withdrawing funds before the age of 62 is seldom a good idea. Borrowers face withdrawal restrictions and hefty tax penalties. Build your other resources by investing now through your MyStockFund account.


Investing now with a long-term horizon alongside your 401(k) will help you reach your goals. Additional investments through your MyStockFund account can help you build supplementary assets for retirement and for those other important items in life to which you aspire.

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