Promotional Plans
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  Pricing and Investing Plans:
  Basic Plan No membership fee. Includes one FREE Plan Purchase every month for the first year!
This is our entry-level product, designed for those that are new to the markets and are looking for a low-cost plan to "get their feet wet." The Basic Plan offers one FREE Plan Purchase each month during your first year of membership in MyStockFund. Each Plan Purchase thereafter is $4.99. At the end of the first year, you will automatically convert to our standard Basic Plan, which includes two Plan Purchases per month at a monthly rate of $5.98. There is no membership fee for the life of this account. Additional Plan Purchases beyond the first two each month are just $2.99 each.
  Flex Plan $29.99 Annual Membership Fee - $4.95 per month (includes first five Plan Purchases at a rate of 99 cents each)
This cost effective plan enables an investor to "AutoVest" (or dollar-cost average) up to five securities in his/her portfolio each month for a flat monthly rate of $4.95. Additional Plan Purchases beyond the first five each month are just $2.99 each. There is an annual membership fee of $29.99 for this investing plan.
  Diversified Plan $39.99 Annual Membership Fee, $9.90 per month (includes first 10 Plan Purchases at a rate of 99 cents each)
This is our most popular plan, as it offers the greatest value for the well-diversified investor. At $9.90 per month, anyone can build a cost-effective diversified portfolio. As an added perk to this plan, any additional Plan Purchases (after the first ten) are also just 99 cents! It is a terrific value for anyone looking to maximize the economies of Plan Purchases whether it is through AutoVest or the One-time Plan Purchase process.

Please note: Sell orders are not included in Investing Plan pricing. All sales are executed as real-time market orders and cost just $12.99 each.

About Plan Purchases

All investors have different needs and objectives. Each investing plan is based on the quantity of Plan Purchases you intend to make each month. A Plan Purchase is a scheduled purchase executed during one of our weekly buy cycles, which take place every Thursday. Plan Purchases can be made two ways – through the AutoVest Schedule or through the One-time Plan Purchase process. Your AutoVest purchases can be set for weekly or monthly investments, with a minimum purchase amount of $10.00 (or as much as you want). By investing in this manner, you will keep your commission costs to a minimum, while making it simple to dollar-cost average and diversify over time.