MyStockfund: Sensible Investing


Linking your personal savings or checking account to your MyStockFund account makes investing easy and convenient.

AutoVest Purchases are funded automatically with Cash Link without the worry of transferring money on your own!

With Cash Link, you may use our Instant Deposit or automatic Recurring Deposit feature to transfer cash into your MyStockFund account for ancillary purchases or to squirrel some extra cash away for a rainy day. All cash is held in an insured interest bearing (variable rate) account.

  At any time after you open your account, you may:

Deposit Stock Certificates
If you own stock certificates, deposit them with us for free.
Mail us a Check
Send in a check with our easy to use online printable forms.
Transfer your Account or Securities from another brokerage firm
Consolidate your assets or transfer in securities you want to keep with us. We accept most securities, even if they are not on our posted list.