MyStockfund: Sensible Investing

  MyStockFund's signature dollar-cost averaging tool! Purchase fractional shares of stock automatically (every month or every week) for as long as you'd like by creating your own AutoVest Schedule. This is a great way to create your own consolidated direct stock purchase plan with a lot more flexibility and investment choices for a well-diversified portfolio. Why not "AutoVest" some ETF's and closed-end bond funds alongside your favorite company stocks to balance and diversify your investments?

  Want to buy stock, but not ready or interested in adding it to your Auto Vest Schedule? If you don't need to execute a real-time market order, make a Plan Purchase during our weekly investing window (executed every Thursday).

  For your convenience, you may buy or sell ANY security with a real-time market order for $12.99. If you don't find a security on our posted security list, you have the ability to purchase any security available on the market today through our Real-time purchase feature. (All sales are executed real-time and are not included in Investing Plan pricing.)