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  Fractional Shares? Automatic Investing? No Account Minimum? Free Dividend Reinvestment?
Yes Yes Yes Yes
TD Ameritrade No No Yes 4 Yes
E*Trade No No No No 8
ScotTrade No No No No
Charles Schwab No No No Yes
Fidelity No Yes 1 No 3 Yes 10
Vanguard No No No No
  Compare our Prices
  Market Order Commission Automated Investment Commission Inactivity Fee Account Minimum
$12.99 $0.99 7 none none
TD Ameritrade $9.99 n/a none 4 $500 4
E*Trade $12.99 6 n/a $40 5 $1,000
ScotTrade $7.00 n/a none $500
Charles Schwab $12.95 n/a none $1,000 12
Fidelity $19.95 $8.00 2 none $2,500
Vanguard $25.00 n/a $30 9 $3,000 11
  *prices are based on the available price plan with the minimum required deposit.
  1. (1) To qualify for this program you need to make 500+ trades per year and $100k in assets.
  2. To qualify for this price you need to make 120+ trades per year and $25k in assets, or only $1million in assets.
  3. $2,500 minimum to open the account.
  4. $500 minimum for ACH deposits, no minimum otherwise.
  5. Applies if no activity, or assets less than $10,000.
  6. Applies if less than $50,000 in assets and 0-29 trades per quarter.
  7. MyStockFund Diversified Plan, which an annual subscription fee of $39.99, and ten purchases for $9.90 each month.
  8. You will be enrolled in the issuer DRIP.
  9. Annual account maintenance fee.
  10. Both DTC and internal reinvestment plans are offered.
  11. Minimum deposit for the required money market account.
  12. Schwab® One