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Member Care
  If you have a question regarding your account or our brokerage services, you may contact us directly:

BY MAIL: MyStockFund
P.O. Box 21566
Mesa, AZ 85277-1566
BY PHONE: 888-620-6050
BY EMAIL: [email protected]

  Strategic Business Development
  If you are interested in any of the following services listed below for your organization, please contact our marketing department.
  • Joint Marketing Initiative
  • Affiliate Program
  • Private-labeled Brokerage Service
  • Employee Investing Program
    (offer a great Voluntary Benefit)
  • Virtual Direct Stock Purchase Plan
    (free service that will assist your corporate Investor Relations efforts)
BY MAIL: MyStockFund
Office 221
4711 E. Falcon Drive
Mesa,AZ 85215
BY EMAIL: [email protected]
BY PHONE: 415-962-9712