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Personal Planning


Planing Ahead for Your New Abode

Saving for a down payment on a new home is never easy to do.

Near term down payment

Having a catalyst or an initial infusion of cash to get you started is a big help. Perhaps you have checks from your wedding, a bonus from work, or the equity you are receiving when you close on the sale of your current home. Where will you deposit those funds? MyStockFund can help.

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No market strategist (or parent, for that matter) would ever suggest you put your available down payment into the markets. If you plan on needing your assets sooner rather than later, we suggest a money market account or Treasury note for a consistent and stable return.

No one invests in the stock markets with the pretense of losing money, but markets do fluctuate and losses can occur quite readily in the short term. That is why we suggest money earmarked for short-term use is best left in a dollar denominated investment vehicle such as a CD, money market or Treasuries. MyStockFund can help.

More distant down payment

Perhaps you still need to save additional cash for the down payment on your dream house. You know that such a purchase is several years in the future.

The equity markets are best left for those with five to 10 year investment horizons. The stock markets have outperformed cash in any given 10-year period despite their inherent fluctuations.

If you have a time horizon of 5 years or more then dollar-cost-averaging into a well-diversified portfolio each week (or month) might be a wise strategy to employ to help achieve your dreams and objectives.

MyStockFund makes it simple and affordable to help you get started.

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