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Pricing and Investing Plans

Investing Plans
MyStockFund Basic Plan 2,500+ Miles, $5.98/month, includes 2 purchases
The MyStockFund Basic Plan offers a flat rate Plan Purchase commission of just $2.99 per order. The low monthly charge of $5.98 includes two Plan Purchases each month. There is no annual charge associated with the Basic Plan, and additional Plan Purchases cost just $2.99 each.
MyStockFund Premium Plan 5,000+ Miles, $59.99/year, $0.99/purchase
The MyStockFund Premium Plan has an annual charge of $59.99. The low monthly charge of $9.90 includes 10 Plan Purchases each month, and additional Plan Purchases cost just 99 cents each. 5,000 miles awarded 60 days after account funding, plus 2,500 miles with each annual renewal.*
Please note: Sell orders are not included in Investing Plan pricing. All sales are executed as real-time market orders and cost just $12.99 each. In addition, the monthly and annual charges are not advisory fees. MyStockFund Securities does not offer investment advice.
* Your 5,000 NWA WorldPerks award mileage will appear in your account anywhere up to 15 business days after the completion of the 60 day period that begins when you fund your MyStockFund account.
About Plan Purchases

All investors have different needs and objectives. Each investing plan is based on the quantity of Plan Purchases you intend to make each month. A Plan Purchase is a scheduled purchase executed during one of our weekly buy cycles, which take place every Thursday. Plan Purchases can be made two ways – through the AutoVest Schedule or through the One-time Plan Purchase process. Your AutoVest purchases can be set for weekly or monthly investments, with a minimum purchase amount of $10.00 (or as much as you want). By investing in this manner, you will keep your commission costs to a minimum, while making it simple to dollar-cost average and diversify over time.